Empowering Adolescent Girls and Women in Rural Areas

We envision a world where girls enjoy their right to walk in their full potential

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Educating girls is the best investment we can make to create a safer world.

It has an incredible multiplier effect, providing returns for generations.

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Giving adolescent girls a voice to overcome barriers in rural areas

Creating opportunities to build skills, knowledge, and exercise their rights

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One Girl One Pad
We are raising funds to purchase sanitary pads to support vulnerable girls.
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Jennifer Schlecht Memorial Community Library
The Library will reduce illiteracy levels and help the needy children in the rural area of Trans-Nzoia County in Kenya

Our Programs

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Jennifer Schlecht Memorial Community Library

In honour of the late Ms. Jennifer who devoted her entire career to support women and girls in crisis situations, we intend to start a project under her name, which will continue to help women, girls and children in the rural area.

Generation Guiders Community Based organization in Kenya, is raising funds through well-wishers and friends of Jenny to launch a community library in the rural area to commemorate Jennifer and her beautiful daughter, Abaynesh.

Jennifer Schlecht Memorial Community Library will promote the culture of reading and improve the lives of children in the rural area and those of generations to come in memory of Jennifer Schlecht.

The Library will reduce illiteracy levels in the target community, it will also help the needy children in the rural area of Trans-Nzoia County in Kenya to get free access to books so that they be able to advance their education.

Jennifer was a gift of hope to many people in the entire world, and her legacy will remain with us.

We are aiming to raise funds to establish JENNIFER SCHLECHT MEMORIAL COMMUNITY LIBRARY in Kenya.

We need everyone on board by January 2021 the library should be set and running.

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Tulia Girls Program

Tulia Girls program is designed to provide safe, inclusive, and confidential spaces for adolescent girls to access accurate sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) information, to address unmet Sexual Reproductive Health needs for girl’s age between 13 -19 years old in the community.

The adolescent girls are able to freely socialize, spend time with their friends, interact and share each other's experiences, as well as find support for dealing with personal challenges in the community through community girls club. 

The members participate in various cultural activities (storytelling, short drama, singing, debating, dancing, reciting poem etc.)

Adolescent girls are encouraged to build their leadership skills, forming girl-led networks to address cultural taboos on SRHR, discriminatory gender roles and harmful traditional practices.

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Chunga Dada Initiative

We believe that no girl should miss school, just because they are on their period. Without access to clean water, good toilets and sanitary towels, girls can miss up to a week of lessons every month when they are on their period. They fall behind in class, and can be forced to drop out of school altogether in rural areas. 

Adolescent girls do not have a choice but use improvised material during their menstruation which includes rags from old clothes, blankets or old cut-out t-shirts. These materials are uncomfortable and don’t provide sufficient protection so that girls choose not to go to school.

Chunga Dada initiative provides sanitary towels to 1,300 needy girls to keep them in school with an aims to reduce the number of needy girls who miss out on school due to lack of sanitary products.

"When girls drop out of school at an early age, they are less likely to return to education, leaving them vulnerable to early marriage, violence and forced sexual relations"

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Together we can help break the cycle of violence, assist survivors, empower adolescent girls and drive economic inclusion and equal rights for women and girls in rural areas.

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Creating Prosperous Societies By Empowering Adolescent Girls And Women In Rural Areas

Generation Guiders is a local grassroots, community based, non-profit organization in Kenya.
The organization intervenes on Girls child rights, HIV/Aids awareness, Life skills, Women empowerment, Distribution of free sanitary pads to keep girls in schools, and Sexual Reproductive Health Services in the community.

Our Mission

Giving adolescent girls a voice to engage in conversations about unique barriers they face and how they fight to overcome these obstacles in rural areas.

Our Goal

To ensure access to accurate information on comprehensive sexual education & help them make informed life choices to prevent early and unintended pregnancy & high rates of school dropout.

Our Objectives

  • advocate for girl child rights in rural areas

  • end child marriage in rural areas

  • provide a safe space for adolescent girls & women

  • Sexual Reproductive Health Services

  • increasing community awareness of HIV & AIDS

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